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Arkansas – A Wonderful Place For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Looking for the most popular destination in the United States to take your honeymoon or romantic getaway this summer? If you are looking for a place that offers everything a newlywed couple could want, look no further than the Bluegrass State. Located in the southwest corner of the state, Bluegrass is known for its charming historic towns and beautiful little country homes dotting the landscape. The real draw to Bluegrass is the area’s wide array of outdoor activities, from fishing, bird watching, hiking, and biking to enjoying the local restaurants, art galleries, and unique festivals. So what is the prettiest part of Arkansas?


Hiking is a popular activity in the Bluegrass State, which makes perfect sense because one of the best things about going on an Arkansas hiking trail is that it allows visitors to see the natural beauty of the land in a very natural way. Arkansas has some of the finest stretches of dirt roads in the country, so finding a popular hiking trail in the Bluegrass State is quite easy. In addition to the numerous popular hiking trails throughout the state, Arkansas also has several parks that offer visitors the perfect getaway along a river. Whether you choose to go on a camping trip, river rafting trip, or simply take your family on a day trip to see the sights, Arkansas has something to offer everyone.

Popular hiking routes in Arkansas

One of the most popular and beautiful routes to follow while visiting Arkansas is the Little Rock Trail. The route starts at the Pine Knoll Resort and ends by walking along the banks of the Arkansas River. This route is lined with beautiful old buildings that date back to the mid-1800s and offers views of the famous Arkansas River and the lovely Little Rock River. Stops along the way include historic Fort Henry, and Fort Pulaski National Monuments as well as the popular St. Matthews House, a National Historic Landmark. Just about everyone who goes on a vacation to Arkansas knows that the Little Rock Trail makes it into the state park system, so if you do not want to hike on the trail, you will be able to drive right up to the front of the Cabin and stay for dinner, breakfast, lunch, or even overnight.

Another popular hiking trail in Arkansas is the Big Creek Trail. The trail starts at the parking lot for Mountain Laurel RV Camping Resort and goes through a beautiful area full of wildlife, hills, streams, and river valleys. Some of the more popular areas of the Big Creek Trail can include Big Creek Springs, where visitors can view a natural hot spring and the Arkansas River. The trail also goes through the national forest. As you might expect, there are a variety of different woods and plants to view along the way.

While at the Little Rock National Park, visitors may also want to visit the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s recreation department. Within the recreation department, the Game and Fish Division maintain a wide range of locations where one can fish. There are boat docks and fishing lodges to allow visitors to try their hand at catching some fish. The Little Rock Game and Fish Commission also feature a visitor’s center. Here, visitors can learn about all the national park features, such as the Little Rock Trail and the various hot springs. The center has maps, brochures, and helpful information about local hunting and fishing laws.

The largest mountain within Arkansas, Rattlesnake Mountain, is located just about an hour outside of Little Rock. This is another popular hiking spot, which is located near the popular town of Fort Smith. Within the city of Fort Smith, visitors can enjoy the outdoor playgrounds at Rattlesnake Mountain. Many of the trails leading to Rattlesnake Mountain pass through historical buildings, museums, and wildlife refuges. The mountain is also home to a number of camping accommodations.

If an out-of-town adventure is desired, perhaps an Ozark Trail camping trip is in order. An Ozark Trail camping trip within Arkansas offers the comforts of a cabin with the amenities of a modern trail cabin. Some of the most popular camping spots on the Ozark Trail include Belleayre Hollow, Brighurn Palms, and Devil’s Den. Camping on the Ozark Trail is usually a two-day event, although overnight accommodations are sometimes offered. Most of the trail cabins are located within a twenty-five to forty-five-minute minute drive of Fort Smith.

Besides the state parks and the wonderful outdoors, Arkansas also offers a wealth of cultural experiences. Tourists can travel to the Ozarks and partake in a variety of activities, including hog-tying, hunting, camping, and horseback riding. A vacation in Arkansas truly presents an opportunity to see beautiful places and experience a quality lifestyle.