June & July: History and Meaning

Before our modern calendar, June and July were the fourth and fifth months of the year respectively on the Roman Calendar. June dropped to 29 days briefly after becoming the fifth month under Numa but regained its full 30 during the Julian Reform. July has always had 31 days but was originally known as Quintilis. It was re-named in honor of Julius Caesar in 44 BC and became the seventh month.

June is believed to be named after Roman marriage goddess Juno, and considered a propicious time for weddings. In leap years, July begins and ends on the same day of the week as January. Both months are fairly warm on average in our hemisphere, while cool in the Southern Hemisphere.

June's birth flowers are the Rose and the Honeysuckle; its stones are the Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite all symbolizing "health & longevity". July's birth flowers are the Larkspur and Water Lily and its stone is the Ruby symbolizing "contentment". 

Van Buren County wishes happiness and health to all!